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Far more interested in building than in documenting (who isn't), this listing comes with an apology for its haphazard representation of my online activities, not all of which survive. When I'm up to something, this page is generally the last to know.


Think of sustainability, ecosensitivity, healthy balanced complexity. The high technology will be green, there will plenty of animals around, and everyone will be able to find organic vegetables locally.

Pay attention! If you're not already into something (gardening, organizing, mediating, meditating, composting, cleaning, singing?) you need more help than a web page can give you. is a virtual and collapsible organization, an outpost in cyberspace (where every point is the center). Shell, shingle, structure, story, a claim staked in the territory of the imagination.

The Name

“Piez” is a German name, with a German vowel (like “Dietrich” or “Bier”) and an Americanized “z.” It's probably a German short version of Peters (Pietsch or Pietz), but it's curious that “piez” is also Greek for “press,” as in wine press, printing press, or a type of electricity created by pressure: piezoelectricity.