TEI Overlap Demonstration

Processing TEI P5, with overlap, using XSLT 2.0 in the client.

By Wendell Piez, Mulberry Technologies Inc., October 2011. Updated February 2014.

For the Interedition 2011 Boot Camp, TEI Members Meeting 2011, Würzburg, Lower Franconia.

Please contact me at wapiez -at- mulberrytech -dot- com.

Try looking at Tolkien's Shadow (An annotated excerpt from the Red Book of Westmarch):

Features of this demonstration:

While the first of these is certainly not without interest (especially to markup developers and implementers who face the overlap problem), the second of these may actually have more immediately wide-ranging implications for projects in the humanities and indeed at large. Simply put, it significantly eases the burden on the developer who knows about document encoding and processing using XSLT; mastering Javascript as well is no longer necessary. Of course, a firm understanding of the HTML/CSS DOM (document object model) and its application for dynamic behavior in the browser is still necessary; nor do problems (for example) relating to different browsers' implementation of relevant standards such as DOM and CSS disappear. But these preliminary experiments are encouraging.

The stylesheets